A one-of-a-kind event that will shift and change the trajectory of your life towards optimal health and happiness.  World-Class change-makers, pollinators, shapeshifters, as well as doctors, philosophers, and scientists, will help lead the way to your best possible life.  Sometimes it takes more than just reading a book – it takes showing up in person, interacting in person, hearing and feeling from other people, along with their spiritual energy.  You can’t be healthy in a vacuum, and you cannot change in a vacuum.  We’re building a tribe and we’re welcoming all comers.  


We sincerely hope you will join us! 


HEALTHY HYOUMAN SANCTUARIES will also be coming soon.  For it is always time, for the person who is ready… to HEAL.


*By ‘subscribing to the tribe’ you will be the first to know about the SUMMIT and SANCTUARIES.